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How to Choose a Sewing Thread

Mar. 06 , 2018

1-Choose a color thread that matches the most dominant color in your fabric.

2-Purchase thread in a similar fiber content to that of your fabric; cotton, polyester and cotton/poly threads are the most widely used.

3-Use cotton thread for light to medium-weight fabrics that have little or no stretch to them.

4-Select polyester thread for most hand and machine stitching.

5-Use a cotton-wrapped polyester thread for most sewing projects.

6-Consider fine cotton or silk thread for very thin or delicately woven fabrics such as those used for lingerie or sheer garments.

7-Look for thread labeled "heavy duty" for projects that require extra strength and durability in stitches.

8-Use metallic thread for both machine and hand embroidery.

9-Buy quilting thread for your hand or machine quilting projects and for projects that are similarly layered.