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Texture Yarn / Overlocking Thread
  • Texture Yarn / Overlocking Thread
Texture Yarn / Overlocking Thread

Texture Yarn / Overlocking Thread


Main Specifications: 150D Twisted 250g/300g 

Main Usages: knitting underwear, overlock, etc. 

This item is made of texturized polyester filament and endowed with advantages like smooth feel, good elasticity, few knots, perfect neat and even seam characteristics

Outstanding Features:

1-Superior strength, good abrasion-resistant and chemical resistance;

2-Perfect glossy luster, excellent lubricity, low water shrinkage, very few knot;

3-High color fastness to abrasion, washing, sunlight, perspiration and sublimation;

4-Good rotting proof;

5-Especially applicable for high-speed sewing, etc.


100% Spun Polyester Overlock Thread for Sewing / Texture Yarn

Specifications Show

1-regural count: 20/2, 20/3, 20/4, 20/6, 20/9, 30/2, 30/3, 40/2, 40/3, 50/2, 50/3, 60/2, 60/3, etc;

2-type and each cone package:

a. raw material, on dyeing tube or paper tube;

b. finished cone, winded on any kinds of small spools and plastic bobbins;

3-colors available: more than 400.

SpecificationRegular LengthMain Usages
29.5*2   (20s/2)3000m, 5000mJeans, shoes, caps,   leather products, etc.
29.5*3   (20s/3)2000m, 3000mJeans, shoes, handbags,   leather products, etc.
29.5*9   (20s/9)1000m, 2000m, 3000mclosing bags
19.7*2   (30s/2)3000m, 5000mJeans, handbags, sewing of   keyhole and fastener, etc.
19.7*3   (30s/3)2000m, 3000m, 5000mTents jeans, leather   products, shoes, ect.
14.8*2   (40s/2)3000m, 5000mSuits, trousers, coats,   Sewing of button-hole and button-sew, etc.
14.8*3   (40s/3)2000m, 3000m, 5000mheavy garments,   tabernacle, etc.
11.8*2   (50s/2)3000m, 5000mKnitted garments, blouses,   suit-dress, etc.
9.8*2   (60s/2)5000m, 10000mKnitted garments,   suit-dress, over lock thread, etc.
9.8*3   (60s/3)3000m, 5000mKnitted garments,   fashionable dress, suit-dress, etc.